Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning Morning Joe Mash-up starring the distinguished Jonathan Capehart and some white guys

There comes a time in one's life where you see something and you whisper in amazement to yourself, "okay, now I have seen it all". Here we all thought the election our nation's first black president was that something, but no America, that was the penultimate spectacle. The real moment you'll tell your grandchildren about was Jonathan Capehart and Pat Buchanan bumping fists in racial solidarity on Morning Joe.

It all of course stemmed from Senator Harry Reid's anachronistic racial gaffe that was laid bare in the book, Game Change. Joe Scarborough seemed to have an almost fetishistic affinity for this topic. The poor soul seemed quite peeved and shocked by the duplicity of Washington which was readily apparent by the new hue of scarlet he invented with his face. And thanks Joe, one of our interns quit on her first day on the job after she gave up trying to count all the times you repeated "negro dialect".

Providing the informed calm perspective and his trademark personal aesthetic was our own Jonathan. His unlikely ally and "soul brother #1", was intolerant misanthrope and Dennis the Menace's neighbor, Patrick J. Buchanan. Both he and Jonathan agreed that what Reid said was not said out malice nor was it an untruth. It was just stupid. The Reverend Al Sharpton chimed in as well and for a breath-holding moment in which he invoked Jonathan's name, even he made an effective argument. I tell you folks, stars were aligning all over the place

And the magic didn't end there. It was later reported by NBC programming, that Buchanan and Capehart will be getting their own crime-fighting buddy comedy this fall that will replace one of the nights from Jay Leno's failed time slot.

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