Monday, January 25, 2010

Jonathan on the McLaughlin Report:
The battle of solid ties and giblets

The reason for the tardiness of this post is that none of the Viva Jonathan Capehart staff was of a sufficient mettle from a Saturday evening of imbibing to endure three minutes of Monica Crowley. With that said, we sobered up yesterday and watched Jonathan's spirited appearance on The McLaughlin Report.

So it appears that the delicate detente between Jonathan and Patrick J. Buchanan crumbled over the weekend due to a heated debate surrounding the special election win of Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown. In a battle of wills that was marked by the ferocity of hues in each man's solid ties, Jonathan and Buchanan squared off on the partisan nuances that contributed to pretty boy Brown's win. Jonathan succinctly and effectively stated that the Republican's platform is that of stale marzipan to which Buchanan ceded, yet belligerently continued to insist that the tea-baggin' whites came out in droves to overpower the darker democrats. Inflating the margin of African-American voters involved in this special election to buttress his weak argument, Buchanan was soundly corrected by Mr. McLaughlin and our offices went wild.

And no political discourse is complete without scandal and/or nudity, thus Scott Brown's Cosmopolitan nude spread became a topic. Jonathan rightly stood on the progressive side of this argument defending the picture for its aesthetic quality as well as the puritanical injustice thrust upon it. In what some might consider tantamount to the language used by a seasoned jurist, Jonathan made a compelling defense for the neutered Brown Cosmo Spread. "Why it's digitalized like that is beyond me, because giblets aren't showing!” Well said, Jonathan well said.

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